QRails and XTM Merge

QRails and XTM Inc. Merge

June 15,2023

QRails Issuer Processor and Certified EWA Provider is now a company of Fintech Payments Innovator, XTM Inc. This partnership will further the mission of inspiring today’s workforce in the U.S., Canada and globally.

XTM Inc. and QRails, two established companies who have been on complementary tracks in the Fintech space since 2019, have come together to create a powerhouse. XTM Inc., a leading payment provider in the Canadian hospitality market with hundreds of thousands of service staff relying on the XTM platform for daily pay, financial wellness tools and cash back rewards join forces with QRails to deliver complementing products to market. With their respective products in-market,  AnyDay™ by QRails and the Today solution by XTM, the merger introduces compliant EWA to an innovative, in-market and user- friendly user interface.  

With both companies modeled as B2B to consumer, the merger drives the following value to existing and new customers:

  • Immediate product enhancements to the existing QRails and XTM customer base
  • Delivery of compliant EWA to the modern way in which today’s workers expect to have the option to be paid
  • A live-in market, highly sophisticated and complicated combination of technology, compliance and funds flow solution
  • Financial security for the combined entity related to EWA lending and ongoing operations
  • A more robust entity with the synergy of best of breed in engineering, product design, and marketing teams
  • Reduction of operational overhead through economies of combined scale
The union enhances virtually every element of the respective businesses of QRails and XTM, a newly formed entity that is primed to deliver growth, return-on-investment, and ongoing innovation within the stability and control only possible through vertical integration. 
For more information please contact:

Cary Strange