AnyDay is Payday


A no-cost way to deliver on-demand pay. Free for employers and employees,
AnyDay helps companies deliver access to earned wages with ease.

AnyDay is for everyday working people.

With 74% of Americans currently struggling to make ends meet, our platform provides a flexible, on-demand solution that empowers employees and gives employers a competitive edge.

  • Large Employers
  • Payroll Processors
  • Workforce Management Companies
  • Professional Employer Organizations
  • Governmental Employers
  • Human Capital Management Companies
  • Banks
  • Program Managers

for Employers

Every employer can become an advocate for financial wellness.

With 70% of young job hunters choosing to work for companies that care about their financial wellbeing, AnyDay allows employers to attract, retain, and motivate employees from day one.

  • Low-to-no cost, end-to-end instant pay solution
  • Working capital lending option to flexibly fund payday
  • Standalone mobile app or easy integration into an existing application
  • Easy onboarding and program management
  • A competitive benefit that supports the needs of today‚Äôs workforce

and API-driven

One-time activation feature, making application
enrollment fast and simple.

Easy onboarding with little to no disruption to operations

Working capital lending option to fund on-demand wages

Health Care

critical hospitals and health
care facility partners


helping increase recognition
of our essential workers


ensuring workers have access to their pay
and tips when their shifts end

for Employees

61% of employees in the US would rather not wait for payday to access their earned wages. With AnyDay, every employee can access their funds in real-time and utilize a range of useful money-saving and budgeting tools.

  • Instant access to pay when it is needed most
  • Simple activation and an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Bill pay options that reduce late fees and support cash flow
  • Budgeting tools to easily manage expenses
  • Employer-offered discounts that make a difference