AnyDay is Payday

Earned Wage Access For the Modern World

An introduction to Earned Wage Access and its contribution to employee retention and financial well-being.

…for Employees

Get paid the money you’ve earned whenever you want and take advantage of other tools designed to put more money in your pocket.

…for Employers

With AnyDay, employers become a source of financial wellness, and by doing so attract, retain and motivate employees.

  • A competitive benefit that supports the needs of today’s workforce
  • Low-to-no cost, end-to-end earned wage access solution
  • Standalone mobile app or easy integration into an existing application
  • Working capital lending option

HR Platforms

enriching payroll services
for employers


providing instant pay to local, county, and state employees

Large Employers

ensuring employees have access to their
pay when they need it most

AnyDay is for everyone

We provide a flexible, on-demand solution that empowers employees and gives employers a competitive edge.

  • Large Employers
  • Payroll Processors
  • Professional Employer Organizations
  • Workforce Management Companies
  • Human Capital Management Companies
  • Governmental Employers
  • Banks