We are proud to announce that we are the only global Earned Wage Access provider certified by SAP for their Success Factors and WorkForce software system.

Our new integration will enable millions around the world to tap into their earned wages when they need it, at low to no cost to both employer and employee. Our unique business model and technology runs on the behind-the-scenes interchange revenue, allowing employees to make financial progress, however big or small.

“We are delighted to announce that AnyDay has certified integration with SAP cloud solutions,” said Brian Brinkley, CEO, AnyDay “The ability for AnyDay to interoperate with solutions from SAP will give employees around the world more choice, flexibility and visibility over their pay.”

Benefits of AnyDay and SAP integration for employers and employees

  1. Unique business model delivers low to no cost to both employees and employers
    • Our unique business model and technology runs on behind-the-scenes interchange revenue. Because we are a card issuer/processor we can do what our competitors cannot, which is offering low to no cost to both employees and employers
  2. Fast & easy integration with SAP Success Factors and WorkForce software systems
    • QRails AnyDay is the only SAP Certified Earned Wage Access solution. We have built a full-stack system that is unmatched in our market segment and received our SAP Certification in April 2022
  3. Offers global reach for multinational companies
    • QRails is best-in-class regarding offering Earned Wage Access in North America, UK, EU, and Latin America. Offering Earned Wage Access requires specific corporate structures, banking relationships, and internal compliance infrastructure in each of the geographies we serve
  4. World-Class financial education center is built into the application
    • Culturally matched financial education partners provide extensive personal financial education information and classes covering budgeting, debt management, taxes, saving and investing, all right in our app
  5. Mobile application is consumer-friendly and easy to use
    • Extensive app and UI development and testing has delivered a proven consumer friendly application. Our employee cardholders can immediately use the app to add money that is immediately available to spend using both a virtual and physical card; or transfer into their bank account