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AnyDay launches EWA Code of Practice

September 4, 2023

AnyDay is a proud founding partner of the Earned Wage Access Code of Practice, in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) and six Earned Wage Access providers in the U.K.

As the cost of living crisis continues, more than four million workers are now being paid when they choose – with 1 in 10 companies now offering Earned Wage Access (EWA)[1].

With 43% of workers spending three or more hours a week thinking about or dealing with financial stress[2], it is hoped more employers will embrace the technology, but as there can be a small one-off fee to use it, bodies including the Financial Conduct Authority, Nest Insight and The Woolard Review have called for greater oversight of how employers provide it.

In response to that, AnyDayTM along with six UK providers of EWA have united with the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals – the professional body for payroll, pensions and reward – to launch the ‘EWA Code of Practice.’ This is a voluntary set of rules for providers of EWA across the UK, that helps ensure their products deliver good outcomes. The founding members are: AnyDayTM, The Access Group, Ceridian, Hastee, Level Financial Technology, Salary Finance and Wagestream.

The CIPP provided input on the code to ensure there is clarity for employers and payroll teams on EWA best practice.

Jason Davenport, Chief Executive Officer at the CIPP; “EWA is a very hot topic in the payroll industry at the moment, so the CIPP is delighted to join forces with these organisations to ensure the Code of Practice offers our industry best practice guidance. We would encourage organisations considering the introduction of an EWA system to visit our website www.cipp.org.uk to understand more about the code and how best to implement it within their payroll function.”

Access to earned pay outside of a long, locked pay cycle is already a legal requirement in countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, and may in time become so in the UK and other developed countries. Government-backed research already shows that volatile and low-middle income households benefit from a more frequent pay cycle for a broad number of reasons, and nine in ten say their financial situation is stable or improved once they get paid when they choose[3]

Learn more about this impactful and positive step towards financial well-being for all here.


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